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    Russian artist
    Victor Makeev
    Victor Makeev
    To understand human creativity, to look into the very essence of his works, it is necessary to know its history, events that may have affected and influenced his work.
    Makeev Viktor Ivanovich

    Viktor Makeev was born April 18, 1924 in the village of Ivlev Moscow region. All his life he lives and works in Moscow .

    At age 17, the future artist graduated from the children's art school , then went to the front , having worked briefly as a turner in a munitions factory . In late 1943, was severely wounded , and after prolonged treatment dismissed from the army for health reasons .

    It was in the early 40s , began a creative way Viktor Ivanovich . Among the paintings of the post-war period, there are many urban landscapes (Moscow , Torzhok , Kaluga) , which are often presented in the exhibitions of the artist .

    In 1956 VI Makeev graduated from the Moscow State Art Institute . VI Surikov. By this time, the artist has successfully collaborated with book publishers , his works illustrate the " Early Stories " by M. Gorky , Pavlov's House " L.Saveleva , " Tales of Russian heroism " S.Alekseeva .

    most memorable work of the artist , as his famous graphic artist , and painters have emerged since the 60s . Whether it's individual works , such as "The Sacrament ", " Elegy" , or the famous series "Apocalypse" , "Drama" , "Memories ", his work was substandard for the period reflect the unique vision of the artist, his success in the search for new forms in art .

    Throughout his artistic career, Viktor Makeev is a permanent member of national and international exhibitions , his works are marked by awards neodnokrastno .
    In 1981 , Viktor Ivanovich awarded the title of Honored Worker of the RSFSR , and in 1998 - the title of the People's artist of Russia - the highest Russian award for the artist .